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Code in Paged RAM area MC9S12XET512

Discussion created by Marius Boncea on Jun 10, 2009
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I'm using the MC9s12XET512 controller and I want to do the following:

-link some code in RAM paged area(use the FC,FD,FE,and FF RAM pages)

-download the code in these RAM pages using the existing application that resides in the flash memory,and CAN communication.

The issue that I'm facing is how can I call the functions that are stored in the paged RAM area?I know that for functions placed in the paged flash area, the modifier "@far" in function declaration allows  the CALL/RETC instructions to set and restore the PPAGE register, when calling paged functions in flash memory.

But how can a similar mechanism be used for RPAGE register?For calling the functions from paged RAM area I am using a pointer to function table, so at call time I will not know which function is placed in which RAM page.