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(noobie) USB device and MCF51JM128

Question asked by Robin Cordier on Jun 8, 2009
Latest reply on May 20, 2012 by Stephen Scutt



I need some help about the DEMOJM card ( and its ColdFire V1 MCF51JM128) . I would be able to control via my computer my DEMOJM card.


I saw this tutorial :, but it use USBSimple.dll, which is not useable with LabView ( I don't want tu use VS C#). And the target is the old MC9s08JM60, not the CFv1.


I tried to make a Virtual COM port, but, I didn't find the good driver. But, It would be the easyest and preferred solution.I try to use hyperterminal, but, it does'nt work well. ( strange characters appearinstead what I would).


I tried the USB stack by CMX, but, I didn't understand how it works. It isn't easy it seems. HID works, but CDC didn't.


I saw that there was programs provided by PEMicro, but, they don't give the source code ( for hyperterminal, for example) nor code source for a target.



So, I'm blocked, I don't know how to make a comunication between my DEMOJM (in device mode) and my computer ( via a VI, or via LabVIEW (with VISA or a wrapped C DLL) ).


Can you help me ? I'm completly loosed and disapointed -_-" ( I'm searching and trying solutions since thursday )


Rob ( RIP XD )