Johan Bezem

Command-line assembler option '-list' generating *.list file in a different directory?

Discussion created by Johan Bezem on May 25, 2009
Latest reply on May 27, 2009 by CrasyCat

The command-line assembler supports an option '-list' to generate an assembly listing file. This is generated in the directory where the source-file is located.

However, this conflicts with the basic possibility to generate two or more variants from the same

source tree (say, release and debug). Is it possible to indicate a separate directory for producing such

listing files (like is possible for object files, indicating a pathname to the '-o' option)?


At the moment, if i start two different builds (debug and release, using the same source tree) simultaneously, one may break since it cannot write the *.list file while the other build is also generating this list file.


Also, I currently cannot generate the project if the source tree is read-only, e.g. from a CD-ROM backup...