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Is it possible to use IFC simultaneous with QSPI_A and QSPI_B ?

Question asked by Benoit Masse on Jul 28, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2020 by Bulat Karymov


In our design(ls2044).

We need to

- IFC Bus CS1 to connect to a cpld. (Use as a G

- QSPI_A to communicate with SPI devices (not a flash)

- QSPI_B to communicate with SPI devices (not a flash)


Is it feasible or I'm dreaming.

In the DOC, IFC can manage the data bus for NAND-NOR-GPCM-GASIC based on the internal memory map, but I didn't find any example of Multiplexing IO Pin between IFC and QSPA.

For ls2088ardb board. Their has a note: (QorIQ LS2085A/LS2088A Reference Design Board Reference Manual, Rev. 2, 08/2017)



   QSPI device and Emulator connector are only available on
   RDB Rev E and later. When operating in QSPI mode, the IFC
   interface is non-functional, and access to the CPLD through
   IFC bus is disabled.


Is it true only for that board or is true for LS2088(or LS2044) ?