Iko Adzenko

unable to erase mc9s12c64

Discussion created by Iko Adzenko on May 11, 2009
Latest reply on May 15, 2009 by James Murray

Hi, I'm newbee. What wrong with chip? I have mc9s12c64 chip. And PODEX BDM. I sucsesfuly  burned and erased some code . Also have tryed to build some "hello world projects" which worked OK. After last bunning uc didn't respond to bdm. I tryed different frequencies in hcs12mem and figured out chip respond to bdm on twice lower osc frecuency then it realy is. When I try to unsecure chip i get this:error: FLASH access error (ACCERR bit set)and then this: error: FLASH protection violation (PVIOL bit set) Is it sill possible to erase chip.