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Clock idle level on SPI port LPC54628 not correct during DMA?

Question asked by Carsten Groen on Jul 3, 2020
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we have a design with a LPC54628. Flexcomm6 is configured for SPI Master and is basically working fine (using DMA transfers). However, when looking at CPOL/CPHA, there is something not quite right. During "normal" SPI read/write (setup of slave device etc) the clock idles low between transfers as it should, but once I start DMA, the clock line idles high. No matter if CPOL bit is set or not, the idle level of the SCLK signal is always high between DMA transfers. I have verified the contents of the CFG register and this is 0x05 (as expected) which is CPHA=0 and CPOL=0. Regardless of this, the clock line idles high between DMA transfers.

Whats going on ?