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i.MX8MQ EVK: Secure boot with rollback prevention

Question asked by Cyrill Gössi on Jun 29, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2020 by jamesbone

Hi all


I have an i.MX8MQ EVK with an extended secure boot all the way up to a custom uImage. Now I want to add a rollback prevention mechanism for our custom uImage. For this, I currently assume the proper location to be in u-boot after our uImage was authenticated. I assume that our rollback prevention mechanism will have to work against the SNVS Secure Monotonic Counter registers. My questions are now as follows:


  1. Where within u-boot is the proper place for this rollback prevention mechanism to be implemented?
  2. Does someone have some sample code on how to access the SNVS Secure Monotonic counter registers on an i.MX8MQ EVK?


Many thanks for your help.