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faill to init shell, implementing shell into an application

Question asked by claude-david gaudreault on Jun 24, 2020
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I've started a project from an example(lpi2c_pooling) and i want to add a shell structure to it. However the init of the shell crash when it come to those lines

status = SerialManager_OpenReadHandle(shellContextHandle->serialHandle, shellContextHandle->serialReadHandle);
    assert(kStatus_SerialManager_Success == status);

SerialManager_OpenReadHandle return with that its busy cause the function can't turn off DisableGlobalIRQ().

what could be the problem here?


Also don't tell me to try the example code first, i did but now i need to integrate it into my application.


I joined the code so you can help me debug it.  im using the eval kit for the rt 1010 processor.