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Reading S32K144 FLASH data produces HardFault mistake

Question asked by ben xiao on Jun 5, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2020 by Diana Batrlova

I am now using Flash data(P/N:S32K144) with the following problems:

When Flash Sector erasing fails or not erased, write to that sector using a write command, and then Reading that sector through a pointer. this progress  produces a HardFault, meanwhile register FERSTAT DFDIF bit will be seted to 1(namely This generates an uncorrectable ECC error).

my question is:

1:Is there a better way to deal with the uncorrectable ECC error  and DFDIF = 1? or just only erase problematic Flash?

2:Is there any way to get this error state of  whole flash quickly after the MCU is powered on?