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i.MX8DualXPLUS Interfacing two memory on FlexSPI:

Question asked by Bimal Makwana on May 15, 2020
Latest reply on May 18, 2020 by igorpadykov

HI NXP Team,


We are using i.MX8DualXPLUS processor in our custom platform development, where we need to interface two memory on single FlexSPI interface.

- Quad SPI Flash and Octal SPI flash has to be interfaced on single FlexSPI interface.


Below are some query based on upper requirement:

1) In Run time can be change the memory configuration from one to another, means in run time change the memory form QSPI Flash to Octal SPI flash. Is it possible? Does it require to reboot the processor?


2) To interface two diff memory (QPSI and Octal SPI) on single FlexSPI interface. Should i use an high speed bus multiplexer, which connects the concerned memory to processor at a time?

or only have multiplexer for chip select between this two memory. and route the other signals (Clock and data signals) in daisy chain method?