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Can i.MXRT1011 support more U-disks by USB HUB ?

Question asked by Jimmy Li on May 13, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2020 by Igor Zobun


      I link a USB Hub (4 ports) to i.MXRT1011 USB2.0 port, then use SDK_2.6.0_EVK-MIMXRT1010\boards\evkmimxrt1010\usb_examples\usb_host_msd_fatfs\bm to test if i.MXRT1011 can support above two U-disks, but find that one U-disk is OK and above two U-disks is failed.


      My question: 1> Does i.MXRT1011 can support more U-disks by USB Hub? 

                            2> If can, how to modify the code to support?