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Memory protection Unit (MPU) for Non-Volatile memory for S32G274

Question asked by vinod bargaje on May 4, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2020 by Ajesh Kumar

I have few question about controller S32G274A about MPU as below :


  • In my current implementation all memory section(.text, .data, .bss, etc) are mapped in to SRAM area


  • As SRAM is volatile memory, after compilation we are generating binary file for application code and

flash it to NOR Flash IC (MX25UW512) and execute from NOR flash. In this way we store application

code in to NON volatile memory.

  • I need to understand, is it possible to implement Memory Protection Unit for external NOR flash

(MX25UW512) IC ?

  • If NOT, then for implementing MPU which memory do I need to consider other than SRAM

and external NOR ?

  • If I consider external DRAM in place of NOR Flash IC (MX25UW512), How can I store our application

code in DRAM region and execute from there ?

  • Do I need to do initialization for DRAM during code startup and in Linker file (.ld) I shall map memory section at DRAM address (0x60000000) , will it be ok?


My basic objective is to implement Memory protection Unit for Non Volatile memory for S32G274.

Any input in this context is highly appreciated.