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CodeWarrior MCU 11.1 Qorivva Compiler Bug

Question asked by B K on Apr 29, 2020
Latest reply on May 27, 2020 by Kari Young

I'm dealing with a compiler bug after update to MCU 11.1.


>internal compiler error (report to <>)
>while executing in file 'Coloring.c' line: 690
>(compiling 'HVDEV_initialize' in 'HVDEV.c')


Looks like other NXP compilers have the same issue.


S12 CW11 internal compiler error - report to  


I found a workaround, deleted one code line, and got the MOT file built.

It's OTOH generated code, so manually editing it is not a long term option.


When can we expect update of our compiler?

I'm using MPC5643L.


Freescale C/C++ Compiler for Embedded PowerPC.
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All rights reserved.
Version 4.3 build 317
Runtime Built: Oct 25 2018 22:51:23