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S12 CW11 internal compiler error - report to

Question asked by Stefano Gattazzo Employee on Aug 6, 2018
Latest reply on May 10, 2020 by Edward Karpicz

Hi Team,

see below what my customer wrote:

I get the following compiler error


..\BSW\KERNEL\MCAL_S12x\mcu\Mcu.c:211: internal compiler error (report to

..\BSW\KERNEL\MCAL_S12x\mcu\Mcu.c:211: <>)

..\BSW\KERNEL\MCAL_S12x\mcu\Mcu.c:211: while executing in file 'Coloring.c'

..\BSW\KERNEL\MCAL_S12x\mcu\Mcu.c:211: line: 698

..\BSW\KERNEL\MCAL_S12x\mcu\Mcu.c:211: (compiling 'Mcu_InitClock' in 'Mcu.c')


Trying to compile the attached function (mcu.c) for the S12 target.

I’m using the following compiler version (mwccs12lisa):


CodeWarrior C/C++ for S12/L-ISA.

Copyright (c) 2017, Freescale Semiconductor, Inc

All rights reserved.

Version 5.0.44 (build 17292)

Runtime Built: Oct 20 2017 21:44:00


Using the options in the attached file Compiler.opt.


Any indication from your side about the cause of the error, and a possible workaround or fix, would be very welcome.

This issue is quite urgent for our development.


Thanks and BR