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Is there more information about SE050-MW policy functionality?

Question asked by Markus Feuser on Apr 13, 2020
Latest reply on May 27, 2020 by Kan_Li

I have a question to policies and how these are handled when using the NXP plug&trust MW.

Is there a more comprehensive description available to the following aspects:

  - Authentication Object ID: its relation to sessions and how/whether a secure object can be (differently)

     accessed when a different authentication object ID is applied. A few examples would be highly appreciated.

  - How can I enforce that a particular key can be used for signing, but NOT for any other purpose?

  - Can you allow a security object for reading/re-write a particular User ID while when SCP03 is applied,

   only encryption/decryption allowed with same security object, e.g.

           UserID #1: reading/re-write

           SCP03: encrypt, decrypt

 -  Does SCP03 apply in parallel to a User ID session? What Authentication Object ID does apply?


 Thank you very much, Markus