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Firmware Update in i.MX RT1060

Discussion created by Arun Muthuganesh on Apr 7, 2020
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Hi Everyone,


We are trying to develop an UVC+HID camera using RT1060. This camera will be used in i.MX7 platform. We are trying to design a firmware update method.


High level design of Firmware Update Method is shown in the flow chart below.,


In the above method, Using DFU example firmware and dfu-utils application we can write the firmware in SPI Flash.


Requirement :


My guess is that we need to use the Serial Download Protocol (SDP) commands to write the firmware in RAM and start executing it. If I am correct, To "Load the DFU Firmware in RAM" please share the source code of application to write in RAM memory and start executing it. (Like the dfu-utils application to write in SPI Flash)



Arun Muthuganesh