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Command Line utility command for MFGtool2  to display the result and exit the command prompt.

Question asked by M Harishankaran on Apr 6, 2020
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 I am using the MCIMX6Y2DVM microcontroller in my testing board, I am programming this controller manually using MFGtool2.exe. I want to automate the programming for my project. I am using LabVIEW an industrial automation tool where I am using a batch file that consists of command-line utility code which I took from the .vbs file in the MFGtool package folder. I have commands to program the board but the command prompt is not exiting after the completion of programming and the result if not appearing in a new instead it is just updating the number of successes and failures. the following in the command line  I use in the batch file to programmer the controller. 

cd "C:\Mfg_tool_and_binary_eol\mfgtools"

MfgTool2.exe -noui -c "linux" -l "eMMC" -p 1 -s "board=sabresd" -s "mmc=1" -s "6uluboot=14x14evk" -s "6uldtb=14x14-evk"


I want the command to exit the command prompt after the completion of the programming. And I also want a command to display the result in new line.Kirk HumphriesMandar JoshiDhaval ShahRHinnenJames TrudeauMartin Wennerstromvcentea1 vcentea1Marc PaquetteRuth HendrixAlban Ramponi.MX Processors NXP Training Content 

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