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what is the purpose of linux-fslc git?

Question asked by david carlson on Apr 1, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2020 by OtavioSalvador

As of 3/22 the linux-fslc repo has been refreshed from downstream ( to 5.4.28 but the support in imx-linux @ 5.4.3 for imx8mp is still missing.


We used to get imx-linux from freescale's git but now it is a separate development that is (somehow) upstream of linux-fslc?


Obviously we would prefer a vendor base repo but if imx8mp support is elsewhere...



imx-linux => linux-fslc => =>


imx-linux => =>

         \\                      //

           =>    linux-fslc    <=         (ie., linux-fslc is a merge bucket and has no downstream at all)


If there is a document that states is Freescale's intention for linux-fslc wrt its up-stream (imx-linux) and down-stream ( and its intended refresh rate, it would be service to your customers.