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Using MfgTool2 with imxRT1052

Question asked by David OUATTARA on Mar 31, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2020 by Felipe García



I'm using mfgtool2 to load my application into imxRT1052. Project is built under MCUXpresso IDE 10.3.1 with SDK v2.5. In the project properties, i define Flash at address 0x60000000.

To create SB file, I have FlashLoader_RT1050_1.1 version (with bd files used by elftosb .


Commands to generate bd file:

.\elftosb.exe -f imx -V -c ../../bd_file/imx10xx/ -o ivt_flexspi_nor_MyMCUXpressoOutputFile.bin MyMCUXpressoOutputFile.axf


.\elftosb.exe -f kinetis -V -c ../../bd_file/imx10xx/ -o ivt_flexspi_nor_MyMCUXpressoOutputFile_nopadding.bin


The file is then created.

In cfg.ini, I have defined MXRT105X-DevBoot and in ucl2.xml file, I set timeout="115000" under MXRT105X-DevBoot description.


When I open mfgtool2, it shows HID-Compliand Device but fails to download the binary file into the Hyperflash Memory.


MfgTool. log file shows :


ModuleID[2] LevelID[10]: Get Property 1. [WndIndex:0] {

"command" : "get-property",

"response" : [ 1258422528 ],

"status" : {

"description" : "0 (0x0) Success.",

"value" : 0



ModuleID[2] LevelID[10]: ExecuteCommand--Blhost[WndIndex:0], Body is receive-sb-file "Profiles\MXRT105X\OS Firmware\"
ModuleID[2] LevelID[10]: PortMgrDlg(0)--Path=\\.\hid#vid_15a2&pid_0073#6&202160b0&2&0000#{4d1e55b2-f16f-11cf-88cb-001111000030}
ModuleID[2] LevelID[1]: Program Boot image [WndIndex:0] {

"command" : "receive-sb-file",

"response" : [],

"status" : {

"description" : "20106 (0x4E8A) kStatus_FlexSPINOR_CommandFailure",

"value" : 20106




Can you help with this and explain what 20106 (0x4E8A) kStatus_FlexSPINOR_CommandFailure means please?


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