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Errors creating a LIN Description file through S32DS

Question asked by Jose Ponce on Mar 26, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2020 by Petr Stancik



I have the following question:


I'm trying to configure a Lin_Stack application project, I'm configuring it to use LIN J2602. In the component inspector window, when I configure the frames that will be sent/received, the S32DS eventually shows me that, for each slave node, there should be a response error signal (which fits well with my configuration).



However, the signal which is the response error in my LIN description file is not 3 bits long, as the configuration requires. I have a signal that will be in charge of carrying the response errors, but it is 8 bits long since it will carry other data as well.




If I try to add a signal which is not 3 bits long to the Response Error field, it gets cleared automatically. Also, if my signal is 3 bits long but doesn't have a 5-bit offset, I also get an error which shows that response errors must have a 5-bit offset.



Is there a way to set up my configuration without errors and make the S32DS recognize an 8 bit long signal as the response error signal?