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DMA_SetCallback hangs

Question asked by Bernahrd Bressan on Mar 26, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2020 by Diego Charles

MCUXpresso with LPCXpresso55S69

configured: spi with dma. TX only

in File: fsl_spi_dma.c, function SPI_MasterTransferCreateHandleDMA()
line 197: DMA_SetCallback(handle->rxHandle, SPI_RxDMACallback, &s_dmaPrivateHandle[instance]);

here the debugger hangs, because DMA_SetCallback expects callback !=0
If RX is not wanted, this callback is set =0

Shouldn't the file content be like :


   DMA_SetCallback(handle->rxHandle, SPI_RxDMACallback, &s_dmaPrivateHandle[instance]);