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aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc  vs aarch64-poky-linux for IMX8M Mini based custom hardware

Question asked by Sreedhar A on Mar 24, 2020
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We are working with IMX8M Mini based custom hardware.

when we are working with IMX8M Mini EVK, we build the toolchain and

for cross compiling and building our test application we sourced the following tools.


$ . /opt/fsl-imx-xwayland/4.9.51-mx8-ga/environment-setup-aarch64-poky-linux 


our build is fine.


My question is IMX8M Mini is ARMv8 - 64bit arcchitecture.

We believe we can cross-compile and build our test application using aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc  also.


we believe efficiency of the  output file may vary.

considering the developmet hardware is IMX8M Mini based platform. Could you please suggest and recommend which cross compiler to use and why.


Thanks in Advance,