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DNS makes MQX tasks hang on M52259DEMO

Question asked by James McNamara on Apr 10, 2009
Latest reply on May 14, 2009 by James McNamara

I am trying to use DNS on the M52259DEMO board. I have been able to get the gateway and DNS IP addresses set via DHCP, as shown by the ipconfig command. I defined RTCSCFG_ENABLE_UDP and RTCSCFG_ENABLE_DNS as 1 in user_config.h, then rebuilt all of MQX. I also had to move the #if RTCSCFG_ENABLE_DNS after some #includes in a few source files to get rid of some link errors.


Now I can ping IP addresses out on the internet as long as I enter the explicit dotted quad IP address I want to ping. But as some as I try to ping a domain name, I get no response, and the serial shell and telnet stop responding. 


Any ideas?