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AES128-CTR encryption for OTFAD

Question asked by Henrique Nogueira on Mar 10, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2020 by Kerry Zhou



Currently, I'm trying to set up some build scripts for my project, and at this point, I'd like to set up the security features, namely, the encrypted XIP boot feature.


I already had a look at AN12079, AN12670 and AN1268, and I am aware of the NXP-MCUBootUtility tool for streamlining the process. However, I cannot access the image_enc.exe script needed to perform AES128-CTR encryption, even after having checked the "The step-by-step guide to build image_enc.exe for BEE/OTFAD encryption" mentioned on the GitHub page.


Is there any other way I can obtain the image_enc.exe script, or alternatively, where can I find a detailed explanation of the specific implementation of the AES128-CTR encryption algorithm.