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FlexCAN baudrate parameters

Question asked by Davit Hakobyan on Feb 7, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2020 by Petr Stancik

Dear All,

Could someone from NXP clarify if for classical CAN (S32K144) one has to use the FlexCAN's CTRL1 register for setting up the baudrate parameters or one can equally use the CBT register?


The manual says that CTRL1 is left for backward compatibility meaning that for new projects one should use the CBT register and consequently to have a broader range of values for configuring the baudrate parameters? So if CBT is fine to be used in classical CAN then one is no longer abide to restrictions of CTRL1 register like the table below?

When the CAN FD is not enabled then the FLEXCAN_DRV_SetBitrate function of the SDK calls the FLEXCAN_SetTimeSegments which eventually writes to CTRL1 register.

So it is not clear if one can use the CBT register in classical CAN then why does the driver function use the CTRL1 register? And if it is not allowed to use the CBT register in classical CAN why does the manual mention that CTRL1 is left only for backward compatibility?


Thanks a lot in advance.