Paul Kamel

MCF52277 USB Protocol Stack

Discussion created by Paul Kamel on Mar 29, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2009 by Cutworth Wang
I am using a M52277EVB board for evaluation of the MCF52277. I want to know if there is a USB protocol stack available for it. I am aware that the Linux already installed supports the USB OTG port, however I want to create a bare metal (No OS) application. On other Freescale MCU's there is available the CMX USB stack. It however is not available for this micro. I believe the reason is that the USB OTG module on this micro is different to the ones used on other MCU's such as the MCF52211. I have looked at the data sheets and the OTG modules are completely different - different registers etc. I do wonder why Freescale would do something like this especially since they both  use Coldfire V2 cores and are both relatively new products.