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S32K148 - IEEE 1588 output compare

Question asked by Jakub Mielczarek on Jan 23, 2020
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I want to use the S32K148 IEEE1588 output compare functionality. As I understand, the IEEE1588 time counts nanoseconds in the range 0-999999999 is this correct?


Then suppose the current IEEE1588 timer value is 999999000 and I program the compare value of the timer to 100. What will happen now? Will the compare event be fired right away or first roll-over of the IEEE1588 timer will happen to 0, keep counting from 0 and trigger compare event at the programmed 100.


Another question: if the increment of the IEEE1588 timer is 25 ns and I program the compare register with a value which is not integer multiple of 25, e.g. 55, will the compare event trigger when timer reaches 75?


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