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ResetISR() before main()

Discussion created by Vaclav Rojik on Jan 21, 2020
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I have trouble with debugging projects for MK82. I used some of SDK example. Running is immediately stop in ResetISR(), before main(). I tried different examples, I get same results -> ResetISR() before main().


Debugger Console showing:


Program stopped.
0x1c0001ec in ?? ()


Program received signal SIGSTOP, Stopped (signal).
ResetISR () at ../startup/startup_mk82f25615.c:499
499    void ResetISR(void) {


The stop on 0x1c0001ec is the same result on all tested projects.


I use:
LPCLink 2
MCUXpresso 10.3.0
SDK 2.5


Where can the problem be?