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How to run evkmimxrt1060_lwip_httpssrv_ota_freertos?

Question asked by Felix Shih on Jan 7, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2020 by Kerry Zhou

I want to add OTA function to my application, so I test the SDK sample evkmimxrt1060_lwip_httpssrv_ota_freertos, but fail to run. How to fix it?


my steps are:

SW7 setting: 0010

1) program evkmimxrt1060_ota_bootloader (using default address 0x60000000)

2) program evkmimxrt1060_lwip_httpssrv_ota_freertos (using default address 0x60040000)

3) press SW4 to reset


I can not connect EVK using browser, and the EVK RJ45 connector LED is not flash. I guess the application not run.