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How to flash the NXP S32G274A

Question asked by YIhan CHENG on Nov 21, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2020 by vinod bargaje



I'm a software engineer, in our team we want to develop autosar project on S32G27A Plattform.

I downloaded the S32DS for Plattform and additional Packages for S32G. And Try to debug the example project "hello_world_s32g27a" on the S32G plattform.


  1. What is the different between use S32G-PROCEVB-S standalone and stack S32G-PROCEVB-S on S32GRV-PLATEVB?
  2. Must I use a lauterbach or s32g debuger probe to debug a s32g project? can't i like FPGA plattform, simulate in software environement on my PC. then download code to Plattform?
  3. How can i flash my application on s32g plattform. I try to use usb connect my laptop and uart2usb port on plattform. the laptop recognize the COM18port, however when i use the flash tools. It said no device found.
  4. can i also use a SD card for linux boot on s32g plattform like the s32V234 board?