Carlos Navarrette

Makefile Importer Wizard availability for Power Arch V8.8/SP1, CW IDE 5.9.0

Discussion created by Carlos Navarrette on Mar 10, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2009 by Tom Thompson


    I have the MPC8544DS with


o CW Dev Studio, Power Arch v8.8 - SP1 for 837x, build 90107

o Windows CW IDE 5.9.0 build 2521


    I would like to create a project using the latest U-boot source.  I built the U-boot ELF image and flashed the DS eeprom.  It comes up just fine on the MPC8544DS, (although the U-boot Flattened Device Tree needed some hand tweaking).  I would like to create a project to debug the U-boot source in preparation for our target board.  It seems the 'Makefile Importer Wizard' would be ideal for this purpose.  However I do not see the option is available in the 'File->New' drop down menu. 


    I enabled the 'All Info' level for 'Plugin Diagnostics' in 'Edit->IDE Preferences->IDE Startup' and checked for a DLL startup in the output file.  Nothing is reporting any errors.  It seems the application is missing.  Is this option not available for the Power architecture?


    Any other resource information/caveats/hints, etc., for this type of project would be appreciated.