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How secure are the Ntag213 - Ntag215 password protections?

Question asked by on Oct 22, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2019 by IvanRuiz

Hi Guys,


So we are currently working on an project where the ntag213 or ntag215 are going to be used. (in public areas, guests can scan it, to access an site)


The idea is: To write specifik data to the chip  that can be read by guests ( its not sensitive) BUT shoud not be able to overwritten/erased/replaced.

We've found a couple of good android apps, that  can  write and 'lock' the chip to make it read-only, where u recieve an Master key to unlock it..  So far so good..


But my question and concern is;

How secure is that read-only? with the ntag213/215 chips. 


I mean, are there any known exploits to be aware of?

Would there be any possibility to 'crack' the password, and reverse it somehow to be overwritten?  so that someone could intentionally put malware on it or make an phishing site written to the chip. (Obviously we are trying to avoid that of happening, so that's why we have the concerns of the security )


Thanks allot guys! hope to learn more about it.


Kind regards,