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iMX RT1060 decoupling issue

Question asked by Antoine Zen-Ruffinen on Oct 10, 2019
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We fond disagreement between the "Hardware Development Guide for the MIMXRT1050/MIMXRT1060 Applications Processor, Rev.3" and the "MIMXRT1060-EVK" schematics, that we use as reference, on the decoupling caps required. This might be a minor issue, but we like to have this clear. There is two distinct disagreements:




For this power rail, table  2 of the Hardware Development Guide recomend the following:

So tow caps, one 220nF and one 4.7uF, fine. Here is the EVK schematics: 

Only 220nF. Here the EVK does not follow the recommendation for the  Hardware Development Guide. Is that fine or should we stick to the recommendation ?




Here the Hardware Development Guide says: 

The EVK schematics shows:



Is the C37 required ? Also, there is also a lot of decoupling caps on VDD_SOC_IN that would count in the 33uF as the Hardware Development guide says. Should we lower C36 value?


What should we follow on those two cases ? EVK schematics of Hardware Development Guide ?