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PFE driver missing in mainline linux 5.x

Question asked by Kai Wu on Oct 9, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2019 by Yiping Wang



I am using Mainline Linux 5.1 on my board (with ls1012a).  See the Figure 2 below.

I prepared the device tree for PFE, ksz9897(an ethernet switch) and PFE.

Also the driver for ksz9897(spi), fsl-dspi is enabled in Linux kernel. 

But I cannot find PFE driver in mainline Linux 5.1.

But I found it in NXP Layerscape SDK kernel 4.19 (i.e. 4.19 in NXP kernel, the directory is /driver/staging/fsl-ppfe)

Also, PFE driver is missing in NXP Layerscape SDK kernel 5.1. see Figure 1 below.

I can find DPAA2 driver in both mainline Linux 5.1 or NXP Linux 5.1, but PFE is missing in mainline Linux kernel.


Figure 1. PFE driver status in different Linux kernels



Figure 2. Connection between ethernet switch and ls1012a


I tried to port fsl-ppfe into mainline Linux 5.1(copy the fsl-ppfe folder from NXP Linux 4.19 into the mainline linux 5.1, make changes in drivers/staging/Kconfig and drivers/staging/Makefile). But when I am trying to compile this mainline Linux 5.1, I met many errors about the PFE driver( It seems many header file included by ppfe is changed in mainline Linux 5.1)? 


Does anyone know how to solve this problem?


is NXP working on porting PFE driver into mainline Linux 5.x.


Thank you.