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LPC1769 supports MCUxpresso?

Question asked by Vishakha Dakhane on Oct 9, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2019 by Vishakha Dakhane

Hello I am new to MCUxpresso, I want to interface SD card with lpc1769 in MCUxpresso. My questions is , does LPC1769 supports MCUxpressso or not? Is there any example available for SD card interfacing in MCUxpresso? I have also read a post on Hello I can find the  SDK for the LPC1769... when is it going to be available ? , it says that SDK for lpc1769 is not available and suggested to use LPCopen examples. Should I opt for MCUxpresso or not ?  

I have used LPCopen libraries in LPCxpresso. In those examples i couldn't find SNMP. Right now my concern is ...can i use lpc1769 + MCUxpresso? please let me know . Thanks