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help me! iMX6D TP2850 MIPI camera wrong work for Android BSP

Question asked by lee sw on Oct 7, 2019
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TP2850 MIPI and Single camera does not work with Android JB 4.3 platform.

I tried to run mxc-v4l2-tvin app supported from Android platfrom : external\linux-test\test\mxc_v4l2_test


Test log is below:

root@c9f_6dq:/ # mxc-v4l2-tvin -ol 0 -ot 0 -ow 960 -oh 540 -f YUYV
TV decoder chip is tp2850_mipi_camera
driver=mxc_vout, card=DISP3 FG, bus=, version=0x00000000, capabilities=0x04000002
fmt RGB565: fourcc = 0x50424752
fmt BGR24: fourcc = 0x33524742
fmt RGB24: fourcc = 0x33424752
fmt RGB32: fourcc = 0x34424752
fmt BGR32: fourcc = 0x34524742
fmt NV12: fourcc = 0x3231564e
fmt UYVY: fourcc = 0x59565955
fmt YUYV: fourcc = 0x56595559
fmt YUV422 planar: fourcc = 0x50323234
fmt YUV444: fourcc = 0x34343459
fmt YUV420: fourcc = 0x32315559
fmt YVU420: fourcc = 0x32315659
fmt TILED NV12P: fourcc = 0x50564e54
fmt TILED NV12F: fourcc = 0x46564e54
fmt YUV444 planar: fourcc = 0x50343434
start time = 2775741 s, 415821 us


BUT! screen is the worst case like attached picture.


Please, give me anyting to fix it!!!