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Codewarrior DSC56800/E version 8.1.1a, build 7168 - Instant exit to Desktop

Discussion created by Dave Miller on Mar 6, 2009
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Hello All,


I will be submitting this as an SR request but I also wanted to post here to see if anyone has seen this before.


I am in the final hours of working on my project (as usual 11th hour before a tradeshow) and today my Codewarrior is crashing. 


Well not exactly crashing but exiting out to the desktop without any warning.  I am single-stepping through my project and out of no where Codewarrior will just disapear. 


This is not the normal Crash where you get a beep then a dialog box asking to send in an error report. In this instance Codewarrior just disappears.  There is no lingering process listed in Task manager, it was as if I never was running the application in the first place.


There is not a pattern to how\when the exit happens. The only consistant thing that happens is I am in a Break and I am either stepping through the code or trying to view a variable when Codewarrior exits.


Some PC Particulars:

Win XP Pro SP3

Lenovo Z60m Laptop 

Intel 1.7GhZ Pentium


20G HD


Java Runtime: Java 6 Standard - Update 11


Is there any additional information I need to provide?


Anyone experiance anything like this?  Any tips?  It has happened 10 times today so it is very frustrating.