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LPC54628 HOST USB Issue

Discussion created by Adrian Neal on Oct 1, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2019 by Adrian Neal

I cannot seem to detect the insertion of a USB device (Phillips 16GB stick using an Insignia USB On-the-Go adapter).


I am trying to use the USB HOST example with fatfs and FreeRTOS on the OM13098 development board.

I was able to get the fatfs and RTOS working with the SD card so I'm pretty sure they are not the issue.

I can get the Host code started using the Ip3516Hs controller, including using USB RAM.

The clocks and pin assignments seem correct.


The USB[1] PORTSC1 register seems stuck at 0x1000.

I cannot seem to reset the port using PR (bit[8]), nor can I enable to port PED (bit[2]).

I assume this is why the detect is failing (bits[0,1] are CCS and CSC).


What could I be missing?