LPC54606 : I/O state in IAP (Reinvoke ISP)

Discussion created by Karim BOALLAL on Sep 18, 2019
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I'm working with a LPC54606J512BD208 and I'm using the IAP command "Reinvoke ISP" to update the firmware.
When I set some outputs to '0' state, the state is maintening during isp mode while with somes other output, the state change to default state (input pull-up).
For example the state is maintening with PIO4_15, PIO2_22, PIO2_23, PIO3_29 but not with PIO1_19, PIO1_20, PIO1_16, PIO0_19.

I sense that it's depend of the port number... But nothing is specified either into datasheet nor into user manual except that default state of all pins is input pull-up (except I2C open drain pins).


Someone know what is the criteria to select a pin with its state is maintening during isp mode?


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