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SABRE Board Power-Up Sequence

Question asked by saeid fallah on Sep 11, 2019

Hi dear all.

I am going to design a custom board base on i.Mx6Q processor. I choose "SABRE Board for Smart Devices Based" as my reference design.
I have checked the Power supply page (Page19) , PMIC part number that is used is MMPF0100F0AEP. I checked the PMIC datasheet and it has pre-programmed with F0 configuration. There is a table in the SABRE Board PMIC schematic about power-up sequence that it is not match with F0 configuration. I have two questions:

1. Does the "SABRE Board for Smart Devices Based" use another configuation?
2.Is the desin file last update of the board ?
3.In the power-up sequence of datasheet of CUP ( MCIMX6Q6AVT10AD) is recommended to VDD_SNVS_IN supply must be turned ON before any other power supply. It may be connected (shorted) with VDD_HIGH_IN before VDD_ARM_CAP, VDD_SOC_CAP but in SABRE Board VDD_ARM_CAP and VDD_SOC_CAP will turn on before VDD_HIGH_IN that is not make sense.
Please advice me that shall I do ?