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Turn off P.E. auto generated code for ACKISO bit (K20)

Question asked by Joel Keeling on Aug 28, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2019 by Felipe García


Processor expert is generating code for our CPU component (MK20DX256VLK7) in __init_hardware() from cpu.c that is clearing the ACKISO bit of the Regulator Status and Control register (REGSC).



I need to perform some other actions before clearing the ACKISO bit so I need to clear it myself.

Note: the actions I need to perform cannot be moved to the "User code before PE initialization", as they rely on some of the other init PE is doing in __init_hardware().

Looking back in time in the forums it looks like PE didn't used to auto generate these lines. How can I stop processor expert from doing it now?


I am using Processor Expert 3.0.2 with KDS.