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OTP configuration in FS85

Question asked by Haby Ashraf on Aug 28, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2019 by Haby Ashraf

Hi NXP team,


For FS85 PMIC, Is it possible to configure the following OTP registers through FS85 driver during init :

1. WD_SELECTION bit of OTP_CFG_ASIL register for challenger mode

2.  FLT_RECOVERY_EN bit of  OTP_CFG_I2C register for disabling the fault recovery strategy

3. Autoretry_infinite   and   Autoretry_en bits of OTP_CFG_SM_2 register 

If not how these OTP registers shall be configured?



Regarding point3 : Will the FS85 move to DEEP_FS when fault error counter reaches maximum?

(According to FS85 data sheet, Exit of DEEP-FS mode is only possible by WAKE1 = 0 or after 4 s if the autoretry feature
is activated by OTP_Autorety_en bit. The number of autroretry can be limited to 15 or infinite depending on OTP_Autoretry_infinite bit.)

So after recovering from DEEP_FS when wake1 = 1, the main state machine will start transition to normal mode. I would like to know the state to which FS_state machine will transit or in other words how will FS_state machine behave?

(Note :The FS85 is connected to MCU for watchdog purpose)