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Question asked by Jithin Ismail on Aug 27, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2019 by Veronica Mihaela Velciu
Trying to integrate Ethernet stack from vector using S32K148 controller.
When debugged the Ethernet Mac initialization ,detected this behavior.
From the Ethernet driver, following steps done to enable MAC
1. Firstly MAC is enabled with the written of (0x00000002) to ENET_ECR and changed its value to 0xF0000112(MAC enabled).
2. Then ENET_RDAR written with (0x00000001).
After writing the ENET_RDAR reg, debug results showing Interrupt Event Register(ENET_EIR) is changing its value from 0x00000000 to  0x00400000(EBERR).
So that Ethernet Control Register (ENET_ECR) changed its value from 0xF0000112 to F0000110(MAC is disabled)
What is the exact reason that causes this Ethernet bus error(EBERR)?
Already the starting address of the buffers and descriptors of the driver are 16 byte aligned.