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Question asked by Paul Oates Employee on Aug 9, 2019

I’m working with a MEK iMX8QXP development board from NXP and I have to send commands from the M4 core to the A53 core.

After going through the documentation, there is an RPMSG mechanism that can be used. This is included on the A53 side as driver kernel objects that can loaded at runtime and on the M4 side as FreeRTOS application.

There is the following Website that allows the generation of the FreeRTOS sdk for the desired platfrom.

I am able to compile my RPMSG demos from that SDK and run it on the M4 side, but there is a problem in the RPMSG stack and the communication does not occur.

When using M4 image directly built from NXP from the yocto project, it works.

So this confirms that all the modules that I’ve built (Linux kernel, kernel objects, sfcw firmware, uboot etc are ok), just the M4 image has a problem.