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Port D bit BME on KE04

Question asked by jun yamada on Aug 6, 2019
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Always thank you for your help.

Please tell me below.

I am using KE04.

See `` How to Use Bit-band and BME on the KE04 and KE06 Subfamilies AN4838 ''
An attempt was made to set bit 2,1,0 of port D to 0 using a macro in BME.h.

As described in “3.5 BME Library” in the above application manual


     BME_AND (& GPIOD-> PDOR) = ~ ((1u << 2) | (1u << 1) | (1u << 0));


However, there is no GPIOD definition.

According to the manual, the upper 8 bits of the 32-bit area indicated by the GPIOA address are assigned to port D.

So how do you write the bit set clear for port D in the BME library?

Thank you.