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How to check if the SPC5603B reads the Data Flash Array exception?

Question asked by Yu CHen on Aug 7, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2019 by Yu CHen

    Customer feedback 15 sets of products using SPC5603B can not be started by CAN wake-up, re-burning but the fault still exists.
    Use PE to debug the faulty board chip, the program can be downloaded successfully, the debug initialization code is normal, but run to FSL_FlashRead64(); this function, to read Data Flash Array 3, finds that the data cannot be read, and the address is indexed by the pointer. Skip to the next step and then program fleet.
    The customer reads dataflash to confirm the contents of the dataflash when initializing the configuration of the analog EEPROM. The customer said that there has been a similar situation before, but after programming the SPC5603B software of other products, the program function of the current project is restored to normal.

    How can I investigate this situation, thank you!