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MKL26Z256 - Can DMA UART RX end transfer on RX idle?

Question asked by Bruce Graham on Jul 26, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2019 by Bruce Graham

MCUXpresso IDE v11.0.0 [Build 2516] [2019-06-05]

Device: MKL26Z256xxx4

SDK_2.x_MKL26Z256xxx4 2.4.1


I started with the driver example UART dma_transfer project.


The project has the DMA RX setup to receive fixed length transfers.

I am working with a modem, so I can't predict the transfer length of the data from the modem.


I need a why to end the DMA RX transfer when the UART line is idle.

Is it possible to end the DMA transfer when the UART Controller generates an IDLE interrupt?