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In JN-AN-1229, there are many networking errors.

Question asked by 心有余悸 周 on Jul 24, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2019 by Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez

According to the networking process in JN-AN-1229, I did not change it, but the routing device could not enter the network of the coordinator. Can you tell me how to set up the network?

I follow this JN-UG-3113 document.To operate.

5.1 Forming a Network

But when you join the network, it always goes wrong.


AN1184_ZBP_Router/Source/app_router.c:192: APP: No event to process!
../../AN1184_ZBP_Router/Source/app_router.c:299: APP: Network discovery complete
../../AN1184_ZBP_Router/Source/app_router.c:304: APP: Found 1 networks
../../AN1184_ZBP_Router/Source/app_router.c:331: APP: Unscanned channels 00000000
../../AN1184_ZBP_Router/Source/app_router.c:332: APP: Ext PAN ID = 0000000000000008
../../AN1184_ZBP_Router/Source/app_router.c:333: APP: Channel = 22
../../AN1184_ZBP_Router/Source/app_router.c:334: APP: Stack Profile = 2
../../AN1184_ZBP_Router/Source/app_router.c:335: APP: Zigbee Version = 2
../../AN1184_ZBP_Router/Source/app_router.c:336: APP: Permit Joining = 1
../../AN1184_ZBP_Router/Source/app_router.c:337: APP: Router Capacity = 1
../../AN1184_ZBP_Router/Source/app_router.c:338: APP: End Device Capacity = 1
../../AN1184_ZBP_Router/Source/app_router.c:343: APP: u64ApsUseExtendedPanid == 0000000000000000 ; u64ExtPanId == 0000000000000000
../../AN1184_ZBP_Router/Source/app_router.c:350: APP: Trying Joining network
../../AN1184_ZBP_Router/Source/app_router.c:360: APP: Failed to join network reason = 8b
../../AN1184_ZBP_Router/Source/app_router.c:192: APP: No event to process!
../../AN1184_ZBP_Router/Source/app_router.c:192: APP: No event to process!
../../AN1184_ZBP_Router/Source/app_router.c:192: APP: No event to process!
../../AN1184_ZBP_Router/Source/app_router.c:192: APP: No event to process!
../../AN1184_ZBP_Router/Source/app_router.c:192: APP: No event to process!

Currently I am using JN-UG-3113, just to let the route and coordinator network, I have not added other content, I just added ZPS_vAplSecSetInitialSecurityState (ZPS_ZDO_PRECONFIGURED_LINK_KEY,
The purpose is to solve the ZPS_APL_APS_E_SECURITY_FAIL error.
But now there is ZPS_APL_ZDP_E_NOT_PERMITTED, this error.



?Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez

I hope to get a reply as soon as possible