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Unable to set EEESIZE / EEESPLIT on MK66FX1M0xx Chip

Question asked by Chris Johnson on Jul 19, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2019 by Alexis Andalon

I am attempting to set the FlexNVM partitioning  on a MK66FX1M0xx chip so that it has all Data Flash and no EEPROM.    Even after running an Erase All Blocks command in the firmware, I still read SIM_FCFG1 = 0x9D020F00 with the debugger.  The erase all blocks command looks to have succeeded, since the debugger memory browser shows the FTFE registers as:  0x40020000  FFFE0280 44000000.


When I run a Program Partition command in the firmware to set the Data Flash to full size, I see the following in the FTFE registers after running the command: 0x40020000  FFFE0280 80000001 3F000000.  It looks like the command ran without errors, but SIM_FCFG1 = 9D020000 after the command.  The DPART changed, but the EEExxx did not.


Is there some protection for the EEExx fields that I need to disable before erasing them?


What commands need to be sent to the FTFE controller to set the MK66FX1M0xx for all Data Flash and no EEPROM?