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convert bayer 10  to bayer 8 on imx6q

Question asked by la la on Jul 9, 2019
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I was now connecting  a 5M Raw10 camera to imx6q IPU CSI,and successfuly capture the raw 10 data。But i found when i use memcpy transfer imgData to system memory(user space),the really datas is 10MB and need about 50ms,this not include the time translating the 10MB raw data to a rgb or gray format imgData,it is too slow for our project.

So,i want to convert the bayer 10(raw 10)data   to bayer 8 data with IPU,and dealing the data as gray format.I read the TRM but find nothing.Finally i found a topic about bayer format convert "IPU - bayer pattern conversion",and someone said:"Got some comfirmed information from IC designer, for iMX6, the IPU can't support converting bayer format to RGB/YUV on the fly, it can only use generic mode to receive the CSI input bayer data to memory. The CPD can only be used to convert 10 bits color data to 8 bits."

But when i read the TRM about CPD , still dont know how to convert the bayer 10 format to bayer 8.So ,can the CPD convert bayer 10 to bayer 8? if it works,how?


Can anybody help me?


Thanks and best regards.


An liu


referfence: "IPU - bayer pattern conversion",